The Wisdom Keeper


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The current ecological, health, economic crisis all come from our old story of culture, the myth of separation. The storytellers of these times tell a new story for humanity, one of being connected, abundance and freedom. I am one of those storytellers.

It all starts with connecting to our source, mother earth. To access the old wisdom in ourselves to heal ourselves & the planet. The wisdom to be humbled by the forces of nature instead of wanting to control them. Our 2000 years of patriarchal control is coming to an end.

In our process of healing, we are now turning to the wise people of the earth, the shamans, clan elders and earth keepers of this world. When our post-industrial story of infinite growth is becoming no longer true since we live on a finite planet, we turn our ear to the indigenous people again. Maybe they have been wiser than us, all that time.

How now to integrate that wisdom in our new story? What can we truly learn and change when we start listening to our mother again?

First, we need to learn how to become quiet. To feel the magic again when we look at the universe. To feel that we are just a small part in a cosmic play. And then to find our unique purpose in that masterpiece we call life

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wandelen op Ibiza

Boek jouw prive-wandeling op Ibiza in the lente, zomer of najaar. Wandelgids Lucien Lecarme laat je de meest ongerepte plekken zien, verteld jouw alles over de geschiedenis, planten, interessante weetjes en grappige anekdotes.


De wandelingen zijn rond 3-4 uur en kosten € 180,- tot 9 mensen. Daarna € 20,- p.p

Ook voor coachings trajecten, bedrijfs incentives en one-on-one coaching./ Info: Stuur een mail naar

In de zomer 2020 organiseert Hiking Ibiza ism HIDDEN Hikes op dinsdag en donderdag ochtend, o.a naar de Tanit Cave. check out

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Transition 3 day retreat

Your transition is not your empowerment alone, it is your part of of the puzzle falling in place with finding your purpose.

Book a 3-day private retreat ( max 4 persons) in front of Es Vedra, the energetically high vibrating vortex in Ibiza. The perfect place for your personal transition towards your true purpose.


We are in a transition, a story in between stories, a timeframe where many people are waking up.

Are you one of those people that no longer believe in the old story of lack, competition and scarcity? Have you set yourself on that magical journey to find your true purpose in the new story?

This process of personal empowerment, to fully embrace your higher purpose, is crucial for humanity to be able to make that leap of faith, to journey into unknown territory together and to co-create the new story of abundance, connection, sustainability and responsibility,

Are you ready to become the Ninja warrior of your life? Or maybe you are embodying it already, and you need a recharge, a rethink, a re-alignment.

I am offering this retreat for all the potential game-changers, thought leaders, lightworkers, shadow riders and everybody ready to be the change. More info>>

blog: How To Benefit From Highly Energetic Places

Sometimes they show you miracles, this is what I experienced.

spiral_danceRain drizzled from a grey sky on that late October afternoon in Ibiza. I just led a Dutch family to a place called Atlantis. From there, we had to make a steep climb to see Es Vedra, an amazing rock formation in the south-west of the island. The parents tired, the kids loving it. I turned my head to the left to take one last glance at Atlantis, the place where the Phoenicians took out big blocks of sandstone to build the walls of Ibiza town.

What I saw next took all my breath away

A huge perfect spiral in the sea, at least 2 km wide.

My brain could not place this image immediately, but my body felt it directly, in a nanosecond. This was a miracle of nature. A real present was given to me when I least expected it.

My photographer’s instinct survived this energetic blast and I quickly took out my Nokia 43 megapixel camera phone. I took that one shot. Then I turned around to the family and pointed at the miracle.

Yes, Yes, A spiral. Can we go home now?

Didn’t they see it? Or were they just too tired? I decided to have a last look at this amazing phenomenon of nature, and I led the family safe home.

Later I Googled ‘Spiral in the ocean’, and found nothing.

This is a story about what living in front of a powerspot has given me apart from the spiral, and how you can benefit from energetically highly charged places. They can literally change your life in a nanosecond.

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Top 10 geheime strandjes Ibiza

Top Strandjes van Ibiza, een selectie voor hemels genieten !
( Wandelgids Lucien Lecarme onthult zijn top 10 strandjes van Ibiza)

EspanaYMas-Article-leftToen ik nog maar net voet aan wal zette op Ibiza om er een bestaan te gaan opbouwen brandde al het vuur van binnen om als een Nederlandse Robinson Crusoe het laatste onontgonnen strandje te ontdekken. Een niet onmogelijke missie als je bedenkt dat er meer dan honderdzestig grotere en kleine stranden zijn. Gewapend met een twaalf jaar oude Duitse wandelgids begon in mijn eerste winter de ontdekkingsreis. En tot op de dag van vandaag wordt ik geroerd, verwonderd en gevoed door dit eiland van de eeuwige lente. lees meer>>

(Dit Artikel verscheen eerder in de Espana y Mas in Nederland: editie voorjaar 2015)