The Wisdom Keeper online Abundance Course

Join the 8-week Wisdom keeper’s Abundance course towards unleashing more abundance in your daily life in these evolutionary times of awakening,  I help you to identify your conditioning, to start identifying and experiencing your core-unworthiness and hand out practical tools to raise your frequency. It won’t be a quick fix but a step for step guide towards laying the foundation of getting more and more in touch with your inner abundance that is always there, by slowly peeling away layers of feeling unworthy.

Move away from being a victim of circumstances and addictions to become more & more the creator of your life. I’ll guide you towards staying in source and to connect more from the heart, with presence, purpose and clarity, to live a more abundant life from joy and passion.

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Joining the Beta course will give you access to:

  • 4 zoom calls (1 hour)
  • The Wisdom Keepers tool guide to inner Freedom and abundance
  • Private community FB group to share your journey and connect to tribe
  • Free access to my top 10 blogs on abundance, personal growth & freedom

You can add private online coaching sessions for $65,- per hour.

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Because this is my first online course, I offer a beta package, including a 50% discount. The price will be $97,- ( instead of $200,-)  for 4 bi-weekly sessions of 1 hour. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback to polish and make my future courses shine even better. I am confident in bringing you the best value I can give to support you in your process of empowerment and creating a strong daily foundation to embrace your inner freedom and abundance at any time.

krachtplek_FBFacilitator: Lucien Lecarme
am co-facilitating Men’s groups in Ibiza for 1,5 years now. Having organized empowerment retreats in Ibiza for 5 years, I decided to take the step to offer online courses. In the men’s groups and the retreats, I work with HeartIQ circle work technique and practices after doing the facilitator training. I am looking forward to joining in a circle online, and offer my life’s wisdom, skills and inspiration for you to get in touch with your natural inner abundance and freedom, your natural birthright.

This is what participants from my retreats on Ibiza commented:






“The amount of growth you will experience in your life depends on how much uncertainty you can handle”–from the viral blog:  I don’t own a house, Didn’t built A career…I am 52 and Blissfully Happy

blog: When Core Unworthiness Gets in the Way of Your Success

Learn to truly receive what you deserve

worthinessSuccess doesn’t just come and find you. You have to go out and get it.

Do you agree? And what about this one:

Successful people always ask for exactly what they want.

Both statements require that you believe you are worth that success and happiness, and exactly here is where you might get triggered in your core unworthiness.

The Wisdom Keeper


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It is wisdom that we need to find in ourselves to heal our planet. The wisdom to connect to each other, to respect, to be humbled by the forces of nature instead of wanting to control them.

For this, we are now turning to the wise people of the earth, the shamans, clan elders and earth keepers of this world. When our post-industrial story of infinite growth is becoming no longer true since we live on a finite planet, we turn our ear to the indigenous people again. Maybe they have been wiser than us, all that time. How now to integrate that wisdom in our new story? What can we truly learn and change when we start listening to our mother again?

First, we need to learn how to become quiet. To feel the magic again when we look at the universe. To feel that we are just a small part in a cosmic play. And then to find our unique purpose in that masterpiece we call life

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blog: Not Your Money but Your Mind Is the Door to Your Freedom

How to change your relationship with money to change the game

In a few months last year, I owned over €10.000. A rarity in the last decade of my life.

What did I do with it?

changeI spent it on a magical 6-day horseback journey over the Andes with 5 friends in Argentina. I lavished myself in Costa Rica in a surf retreat and did a spiritual deep dive in the Envision festival. I danced the tango in Buenos Aires for 2 weeks staying in amazing AirBnB’s.

It was all soul-nourishing and some of the memories will stay with me forever. But now I need to pay the rent again with my freelance work.

I literally never know how much will come in each month, but it kind of always works out. It did for the past 7 years, so why not for the next month?

Still, I can wake up feeling the cold sweat of the fear of lack of money. The classic: “What if…”

I discovered a way to deal with those worries about money.

I realized I can’t control the people that might like to hire me, but I do can control my mind.

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blog: How To Benefit From Highly Energetic Places

Sometimes they show you miracles, this is what I experienced.

spiral_danceRain drizzled from a grey sky on that late October afternoon in Ibiza. I just led a Dutch family to a place called Atlantis. From there, we had to make a steep climb to see Es Vedra, an amazing rock formation in the south-west of the island. The parents tired, the kids loving it. I turned my head to the left to take one last glance at Atlantis, the place where the Phoenicians took out big blocks of sandstone to build the walls of Ibiza town.

What I saw next took all my breath away

A huge perfect spiral in the sea, at least 2 km wide.

My brain could not place this image immediately, but my body felt it directly, in a nanosecond. This was a miracle of nature. A real present was given to me when I least expected it.

My photographer’s instinct survived this energetic blast and I quickly took out my Nokia 43 megapixel camera phone. I took that one shot. Then I turned around to the family and pointed at the miracle.

Yes, Yes, A spiral. Can we go home now?

Didn’t they see it? Or were they just too tired? I decided to have a last look at this amazing phenomenon of nature, and I led the family safe home.

Later I Googled ‘Spiral in the ocean’, and found nothing.

This is a story about what living in front of a powerspot has given me apart from the spiral, and how you can benefit from energetically highly charged places. They can literally change your life in a nanosecond.

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