Buy the coffeetable book ‘Stories From The Rock’

Cracking the myth of Es Vedra, Ibiza Lucien Lecarme lived 7 years right in front of Es Vedra, Ibiza's magnetic hotspot. Over the years, Lucien collected fascinating stories about the ...
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Top 5 secret beaches Ibiza

Ibiza has a stunning 100 secret beaches. Difficult to reach, you need insider information, and sometimes you only can get there by swimming. I describe my personal five favourite medium ...
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Your Abundance Practice Isn’t Working Out - This is Why

Learn about this key element for attracting anything you want more of in your life In 2007 somebody gifted me the Secret. It changed my life. But only years later ...
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How Humility is the Way Out of Our Polarized Society

You can co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible by embracing a new story for humanity ‘History tells us, that a value shift is triggered by a ...
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When Core Unworthiness Gets in the Way of Your Success

Learn to truly receive what you deserve Success doesn't just come and find you. You have to go out and get it. Do you agree? And what about this one: ...
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How to Start Living a More Heart-Directed Life?

Open up more and embrace the true virtues of your heart to feel more joy The main qualities of the heart are compassion, forgiveness, generosity, gratefulness, acceptance, Love and wisdom ...
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Not Your Money but Your Mind Is the Door to Your Freedom

How to change your relationship with money to change the game In a few months last year, I owned over €10.000. A rarity in the last decade of my life ...
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How To Benefit From Highly Energetic Places

Sometimes they show you miracles, this is what I experienced. Rain drizzled from a grey sky on that late October afternoon in Ibiza. I just led a Dutch family to ...
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Why calling myself a writer is the best thing that ever happened in my life

My passion is to write words that go deeper I write because I simply love writing How do you become a writer? There is only one true answer to that ...
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These Life Lessons Made Me Realize What Money Really Is

Why you need to live life to the fullest to find out what money means to you Imagine a pawnshop for life experiences. You need cash, bring your life lesson ...
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