Your Abundance Practice Isn’t Working Out - This is Why

Learn about this key element for attracting anything you want more of in your life

In 2007 somebody gifted me the Secret. It changed my life. But only years later.

I am talking about the abundance self-help book, introducing the law of attraction in the new age community. That magic law must be as old as the universe itself, but through The Secret becoming a bestseller, millions of people tapped into the world of unlimited possibilities again. Including me.

This is what happened.

I made my first vision board around 2008, putting a picture of a villa with full sea view in the middle. I practised gratefulness for receiving that new house and other things on the vision board for at least half a year, and then kind of forgot about it.

In 2010, I discovered Ibiza. I sat on a cliff in the first-morning dew and made a sunrise panorama photo of Es Vedra, the magnetic Rock in the South East of this paradise clubbing Island.

I printed and installed the photo on the wall of my toilet as part of an Ibiza shrine in my house in the Netherlands. This made me look at the photo and the shrine every day, projecting my feeling state in happily living a paradise life in Ibiza while doing a pee.

Fast forward one year.

I’ve found my dream villa, looking over the sea. Not only that, but the same freakin villa is also on the panorama photo I took 2 years earlier. I had been looking at my future paradise shack for a year every day.

W.T.F?. Or better, thank you universe.

And thank you The Secret and the Law of attraction, The 21-day abundance course by Deepak Chopra and many other courses I have been following throughout the years. In their essence they all teach the same:

You can attract anything in your life that your heart desires by raising your vibration, having a clear vision of what you want, align this higher feeling state and gratitude with the universe and it will respond. — In it’s own pace.

The first 2 core elements for success

My own story of manifesting the dream shack contains the 2 core elements that every abundance book will tell you:

  • You’ll need to let go of your wish
  • You need a very clear vision of what you truly want more of.

You might experience too that envisioning what you truly desire isn’t that easy. From the mindfulness retreats, I give on Ibiza I learned that many people experience the same blockage.

It is easier to stay stuck and think about what you don’t want, than actually make a clear wish, intention and vision of what you do love to attract.

After diving deeper in myself, reading more books and following more courses, I believe I’ve found the key for dissolving this difficulty, at least for myself. It did hold me back for years in starting the life I was dreaming of.

I can truly say that I have some beautiful experiences with manifesting important things in my life like the Villa. I also love to remain humbled by knowing that I still can experience a lack of things in my daily life.

Ultimately, abundance is deep within every one of us since nature is abundant, and we are all a part of nature. Most of us forgot how to access and experience their abundance, the birthright for each and every one of us.

What Holds You Back? 

When I ask you: what holds you back in living the epic life that you deserve? limiting beliefs or old conditioning might be the first thing that pops up. But that’s not where I want to go.

Limiting beliefs and old conditioning is the result of a deeper layer inside of yourself that I am about to describe. Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs is not ‘the sole trick’ for becoming more abundant, although very important to acknowledge and let go of as much as you can.

What I’m about to explain is not just a mental obstruction that you can think your way around. It’s deeper than that and often overlooked.

A limiting belief usually expresses itself like: I have adapted this thought that I am too shy to step up that stage and do a talk. Or, I have this thought that I’ll need to work 60 hours a week to even start dreaming about a little more wealth. Or, I have this thought that I am fat and unattractive, I’ll never be able to attract the right man for me.

As you notice, these are thoughts, assumptions. When you repeat them enough subconsciously, they appear to be you. To transform your limiting beliefs means becoming aware of these thoughts, and then disconnect them from being you. They are just thoughts, coming from past experiences, past imprints.

Many Abundance books will stimulate you to get aware of these thought patterns and urge you to let them go or think your way around them with positive affirmations. The money will flow to me effortlessly, I am worthy to stand on stage and let my voice speak, I have a great body. Thoughts like that.

Now let’s dive one level deeper beyond letting go of thoughts and positive affirmations. We need to go to the core of the matter.



The Core of the matter: The Thing That Many Overlook

When you’ll feel into this core, when you start having access to it, it will all become much clearer.

The issue with positive affirmations is that they work great on a certain level, but when you are still unaware of deeper layers of not being worthy of experiences, joy, beauty, a deep relationship, then you are prone to fall back into repetitive patterns and you subconsciously keep limiting yourself beyond your thoughts.

What is this layer that is not made conscious in most of us?

It is a layer that can go back as far as when you where 1,2,3 years old, and it’s called your core unworthiness.

It works like this: As a baby, you pick up the energetic communication of your parents. The world, the universe, is all about you. Me and the other doesn’t exist yet. You are the universe. So when your parents argue, or worse, that’s your universe. When your father shouts at his boss on the phone and you happen to be near, that’s your universe. As a baby, you take on the toxicity of the world around you. This makes you feel bad, you are bad, it’s now your energy, you were not able to discern toxicity having nothing to do with you, since in the core of your baby being you are pure joy, bliss, abundant life.

Do we really have to dive that deep? Yes, I am afraid so.

Spoiler Alert: There is also a second layer of core unworthiness.

When we grow older, we create this second layer of unworthiness to prevent feeling the first one. This is the space where your limiting beliefs come from.

It is much safer to play small than opening up fully to life and joy with the risk of not receiving, because that was your initial imprint

The solution(for now)

The deepest layer of core unworthiness stays around for most people’s lives. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t access it.

You can do so by opening up more, by becoming more vulnerable, and actually feel into what’s keeping you from getting in touch with it. That’s the first step.

What keeps you from feeling deeper, in general, is your pain. When we dive deeper into pain, it is nothing more or less than the resistance you have for feeling deeper.

Use your pain to guide you to more consciousness.

Pain functions as a Swiss security lock for your psyche and soul not to be exposed to too much trauma at once.

How to feel deeper? By opening up more. Step by step. To train your awareness muscle of what actually goes on inside of you, how you feel, what you think, the sensations in your body when you close or open, when you are in your flow and connect to your joy. This is referred to as tracking.

In essence, it’s that simple. But at the same time, incredible difficult knowing that many closed their deeper layers most of their lives. When you open up to feeling more joy, for example, you also open up to feel emotions that we often label as negative. But they are not. They are just expressions of one and the same: your life-force energy. It’s just about feeling this energy, allowing it, and not make anything wrong in yourself

Resistance for feeling deeper expresses itself in making yourself wrong and putting layers of self blame and shame around your essence. This, essentially, is your pain. 

But hey, do you like to become more abundant or not?

I’m joking.

Every human being has his or her own pace for growth. To deal with trauma and pain is probably the most difficult thing to do in life, it’s way easier to numb ourselves out and move from status quo to status quo avoiding too much insecurity and change. The result is we only feel in the middle range of the possible spectrum, but deep in our hearts, we’ll feel that we are not living the life of our dreams.

I just gave you the direction to look into, an invitation to dive deeper. In fact, diving deeper is what I offer in my abundance courses where we work in a group or with couples. Why?

For going deeper, for letting go of the pain of resistance of feeling your trauma, for accessing your deepest feeling of being worthy, loved, welcome, fully seen, we need the undivided loving attention of others.





















When you dismantled your limiting beliefs from the second ring of core unworthiness when you have let go of trauma and reached the ground level of being and feeling worthy, this will become part of your heart, essence and awareness.

You now feel worthy. It is in the core of your being. You have now infinite access to it.

This means you don’t have to practice becoming abundant anymore, because you are.

From that state of being, yes, you’ll definitely attract more of what you love, more joy, more nurturing deeper relationships, better health, and why not, more money. What you see and experience outside of yourself is essentially you.

What changed is the ability to open up to all of the juiciness of life, because you are worth it.

Attracting more of what you wish will be effortlessly and often unexpected, but you know that you can trust the universe to be good and abundant.

Just like you.

Lucien Lecarme

Lucien is author of the future novel “The Wisdom Keeper“. Sign up for the Wisdom keeper’s 8-week online abundance course here to accelerate your abundance and freedom awakening towards living a more human and interconnected life together.

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How Humility is the Way Out of Our Polarized Society

You can co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible by embracing a new story for humanity


‘History tells us, that a value shift is triggered by a new story how we want to live’ — Steward Harris

According to thought leader Charles Eisenstein, the biggest collective myth humanity has found itself in is the story of separation.

I am not you, we are separate from nature, I am a single unit in an indifferent world that makes me compete and survive instead of longing to unite and thrive.

This all starts with a story.

Culture is the answer to the question of what it means to be human. In this sensitive turn-around timeframe, we are finding ourselves in at the moment, our answer to most of our challenges is obtaining more control.

First and foremost our control over nature.

Our story of separation leaves us with a deep unsafety since control comes from the mind and ratio that only can exist per definition in a world of polarity and duality.

The opposite would be following our hearts in full surrender to life, nature and our soul’s journey. The paradigm of current spiritual movements that has his roots in the new age from the eighties.

The story of separation has made ‘the other’ to a threat, something to control, something to rule and conquer like we try to do with nature. Our social media has made it possible to de-humanize our fellow peers with one push on the buttons on our screens.

The root of our polarized world can be found in our story of culture, the story of separation. We have unlearned to include ‘the other’ in our hearts. Instead, we rage wars against nature forgetting that we are an intrinsic beautiful intelligent part of nature.

Go one level deeper and you end with fear.

Nature, that whimsical force out there, can wipe us from its feat in an instant. According to Eisenstein, we have diminished nature to that bunch of stuff out there. Our ‘economic resource’ with the sole function to feed the machinery of mass consumption, our (rather stupid) illusion of infinite economic growth on a finite planet.

Since nature can kill us, we need to go out and battle her. This is at least what our forefathers experienced first hand when they sailed the oceans to conquer more land and drowned in storms when pests and other diseases diminished the world population by a quarter.

Go back a few thousand years further and you find Greek emperors offering their offspring to please the Gods that ruled our ancient world. These Gods were sometimes half human-half nature, like Poseidon, raging thunder and earthquakes, or Zeus hitting humanity with his lightning rage.

We gave nature a human face and made that into our intermediaries with the forces of nature, our first immature manifestation of controlling natures outcome by offerings and giving its force a human face.

Our human evolution has been dictated by conquering nature and our myths and legends are full of hero’s submitting the forces of nature all the way into our science-driven society which sole goal seems to be to copy nature in its desire to become the creator, to become God. The ultimate control.

Will our battle against nature continue forever until there is not more nature left? — or will our story of separation be able to transform in something more wise, more mature, more beautiful and appealing to the heart?

The answer seems and feels simple. Once we accept the fact that we are simply a part of nature, of the mystical magic tapestry of cause and events, when humanity embraces its Karma as being an integrated part of a wider web of knowledge and intelligence, when we finally wake up and embrace a new world from a non-dualistic perspective, than, yes than I see hope at the horizon.

When we place ourselves back into nature, as being an intrinsic part of its laws and wisdom, we automatically become more humble.

When the rivers, the forests and the stars are a part of me, I am ready to begin to feel deep gratitude for even being here. Then magic returns to my world, and I get in touch with my essence, which is divine like nature is divine in its incredibly simple complexity.

When I become nature, my duality dissolves in a profound surrender to life itself. I let the waves of the sea carry me instead of using them to conquer other worlds. Now it is the world within that I lay my ear upon to listen to its old forgotten wisdom, its whispers of sages and Goddesses that rule over creation and life itself, by dissolving and truly understanding the source of it all.

When you become an intrinsic part of me, I regain my basic curiosity in this world. Since now suddenly there are so many I’s around. How can I still lose myself in my polarizing, dehumanizing, fight of the other(s), when I can walk around the earth with a child’s innocence to open up and see what I can learn from all these other I’s that all have a wonderful message and gift for me in my soul journey to become one and complete with all?

The world truly would be an amazing place full of joy, learning, celebration and awe. A more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, as Charles Eisenstein describes it.

His solution for co-creating this paradise on earth, is approaching our current polarized reality from that new paradigm. When it is true that we are already small particles in an interconnected web of beings, we, personally, can align our own story to that truth. That is, at least when you feel that in your heart.

I perceive this as a kind of gentle obstruction of our current story of culture that seems to lead us to destruction, more separation and a technocratic world in where our souls slowly die from the absence of heartfelt connection, replaced by automated tracking, distancing, isolation and more control.

Ask your own heart for a second if it really loves to continue that path? What is your hearts answer? Does that image make your soul sing? And if not, what story would you love to write in the universe of limitless possibilities?










The answer and part of the solution is to start believing and living and telling an alternative story for humanity, and integrate this story in your own life right here and right now.

This is part of my job, to co-create this more beautiful world with my words. Every.Single.Day. To be an earth wisdom warrior with a light sword of words and stories to crack open our collective consciousness to more love and light.

Because it is our imagination that made Homo Sapiens Thrive millions of years ago on this planet. We have the power to imagine a more beautiful world. We can ask ourselves how that world looks like and an image pops up in our minds.

That image can organize, guide and unite complete tribes, as it did in the past.

And we can start living that image of interconnected beings, merged with nature and in respect and awe for its force and our own life force. You can start living that reality as from today.

We all can walk our talk, and start walking each other home to where are true souls belong. In a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible

It is all around the corner of our imagination. That same imagination that can change in what we believe, that can change our values, that can change our collective myth, that eventually can change our culture, that can change our day to day reality until it has become that story we were brave enough to imagine.

This knowledge truly humbles me, the profound awareness that you are a part of me, cleverly disguised as you. It humbles me to know that I am just a tiny part of nature, and yet being able to feel its grandness thrusting life force through my veins.

This new journey for humanity starts with becoming humble again, humbled to the greatest gift of all, life itself.

Lucien Lecarme

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Lucien is author of the future novel “The Wisdom Keeper”. Sign up for the Wisdom keeper’s 8-week online abundance course to accelerate your abundance and freedom awakening towards living a more human and interconnected life together.

When Core Unworthiness Gets in the Way of Your Success

Learn to truly receive what you deserve

Success doesn’t just come and find you. You have to go out and get it.

Do you agree? And what about this one:

Successful people always ask for exactly what they want.

Both statements require that you believe you are worth that success and happiness, and exactly here is where you might get triggered in your core unworthiness.

Do you sometimes struggle with directly asking what you want or when somebody asks you what you desire you experience a black-out?

Changes are big that your core unworthiness is playing out.

In general, happy and successful people seem to master asking exactly what they want. Your definitions of success will be different from mine, but asking for what we want, expressing our needs and desires makes life so much easier. It improves our relationships, brings clarity and avoids nasty things like passionately aggressive revenging our partner without realizing we didn’t ask for what we wanted in the first place.

This piece is about the art of really asking for what you want by looking into the most common blockages you might have in doing so.

Giving and receiving in life

I struggled for the most part of my life in putting myself first. This is because I am highly empathic, I always believed there was virtue in being modest, and I told myself I simply love giving more than receiving. I believe this is what a lot of people do.

This changed recently.

I realized it is not at all that easy for me to truly receive.

Tune into yourself for a moment. Can you truly receive a well-meant compliment, a warm hug, your boss giving thumbs up or your parents suddenly praising you over your career?

Look deep inside and be honest.

When you don’t really know, let’s do a short and easy experiment.

Next time, track how you respond when you get that compliment, reward, hug, praise. Do you say: yeah yeah and turn away? Or do you fully take it in?

With does fully taking in means?

The essence of it is that you feel the energy and love and reward in your heart and the core of your being. It makes you glow deep inside and you experience that fully taking it in makes the giver also happier. It’s a win-win.

You can compare it with a breath you fully take in.

Keep that hug for a moment longer and breathe the love of it in, enjoying it. This is all for you. You deserve it. There is no mind saying; yeah, yeah. yeah.

The yeah, yeah, yeah means — for a lot of people — this: back off, you are coming too close to my pain of not being able to fully love myself.

You are worth it

In the core of each and every one of us, we have our (core) worthiness. Our right to be on this planet, the warm bath when we arrived in our family and were raised with love, or the opposite.


Maybe you experienced not enough of this or even a downright unsafe place where you grew up. Maybe you walked away from home. Believe me, most of us, if not everybody, has suffered to some degree from a lack of safety and some kind of traumatic experiences.

This all gets stored in your body and psyche and puts layers of shame and self-blame around the diamond you are. Around your core worthiness

You don’t feel that shining pulsating diamond anymore, and another self-image replaces the hurt that is deep inside. To compensate, you are going to chase success in modern society. But all you are chasing is compliments, love, affection, and confirmation.

Here is the problem: These expressions of love always come from other human beings, not from money or Facebook likes. When you can’t access the place anymore to truly receive that love, the people around you will also cease to give it to you and you might end up trying to fill that big empty hole deep in your soul with addictions or more money.

At the end of that healing process I was able to say: Guess what, I am damn perfect, I rock. I am a loving person with great talents and deserve all the love in the world.

I open my heart to fully receive the infinite love I deserve in this life

Say this sentence a couple of times, how does it feel?

These are called affirmations. They can help you when your core worth feels small at times, or when it flushed down the toilet of your harsh self-judgment.

And hey, it’s OK. We all, every human on this planet, have to deal at some level with this core unworthiness. And our path home is different for all of us too. It is up to you to find the best modality to heal your trauma. They are all around you when you start looking.

Know your value

When you have made contact with your core worthiness, it is time to evaluate what you can do, what your gift is. Where do you bring value to other people?

Maybe you know what your gift is, what you’re good at, but you haven’t found a way yet to bring it to the world, let alone make a decent income out of it.

Stick with me for a moment, you are not alone

Successful people know their value. They generally have a lot of self-confidence.

Research related to confidence and success shows this:

“One thing is certain: every study conducted in the past 50 years on self-confidence and success has proven that the two are at least related. That is, self-confident people are more successful in all areas of life. And successful people have a high level of self-confidence.” — CFNC.ORG

The confident people around us generally don’t doubt to ask a very reasonable price for their service

Since they are worth it, and they know it.

How come?

This starts with the deeper layer of core worthiness first. When they were born, life was throwing firecrackers, garlands and the birthday cake was big, fat and abundant.

Some people have that start. But many haven’t.

Other people fight. They learn from each defeat, each rejection. It shapes their character and molds their modesty. From all that sweat and blood they can really value the place they worked themselves into.

And some people remain for a long time the victim of what happened to them. They don’t even bother to start the fight since facing the pain related to the trauma is too much to bear for their psyche. That’s all good, nothing to make wrong here.

Life can be a long and winding road to finally finding your deeper treasure, your pile of gold and then you realize it was you all the time running away from it.

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Take your time

It took me nearly 30 years to truly embrace the self-love I was worth all along the journey. I just couldn’t fully access it before.

And let me tell you one more thing.

After embracing my full value, scraping every inch of “You got this” from my soul, the true abundance I feel is not in money.

Only in the connection with other open hearts, my deeper core worthiness comes alive and thrives. It is the heartbeat of life deeply pulsating with each blissful beat. In that space, it becomes possible to take in love, touch, care from others with the core of my being.

This all starts with an opening that connection in yourself to your core worthiness. For this, you will need others. It’s not a lonely hero’s journey ‘to make it alone’. It is becoming humble, vulnerable and a search for people where you feel safe with, that can guide you and where you can heal together.

No money or success will ever buy you a deep-felt healing heart connection that is received and given fully without any holding back.

Do you know what the fun of all this is? Once you embrace that self-love, you will be able to ask for it more and more and people will be so willing to give you, and give you, and give you more.

And never forget you can be the first person to start giving. Try it right now, hug the person closest to you with that intention.

Love is free. There is a universe full of it.

Lucien Lecarme

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How to Start Living a More Heart-Directed Life?

Open up more and embrace the true virtues of your heart to feel more joy

The main qualities of the heart are compassion, forgiveness, generosity, gratefulness, acceptance, Love and wisdom.

Old mystics, Zen Buddhists and wise men all over the world have studied the essence of life and awareness for ages. They all come back to the immense intelligence and wisdom of the heart and its ability to connect to other hearts, and they have discerned the heart as the place of virtue.

One of the masters in my life, the meditation teacher Burgs, explains in his books and videos that it is enough to spend 1/3 of our time towards ourselves, and 2/3 of our time towards others to become truly happy and fulfilled people.

It takes mindfulness to come to a human life
and than above that,
It takes mindfulness and virtue
to come to a fortunate human life — Burgs

Burgs teaches meditation for people to stop the constant blur of the mind and start being open to the infinite wisdom of the heart.

I believe the souls of people have to wake up first to a certain degree to make the conscious choice to live our lives in virtue, with helping others rather than struggle the infinite ego struggle, being caught up daily in everlasting conflicts, triggers and negative

self-confirming habit patterns. Ergo, to be victims of our lives.

How to Start Living a More Heart-Directed Life?

“You have to teach your heart and mind to sing together, than you’ll hear the sound of your soul” — zen wisdom

To achieve this is not easy and different for everybody. Some need to rock bottom in their addiction, some have to completely live out their toxicity to realize that it brings them nowhere. Some have an instant awakening experience.

I believe millions of people around the world have woken up to a certain degree during the last months since crises are opportunities for growth.

Awakening is an ongoing process, the good news is that the heart is patient. It silently waits for your awakening, which means his/her awakening, which means for your mind to finally shut up.

The bad news is that fear isn’t helping to wake up. Or maybe it is?

Lets dive in this deeper for a moment. From fear comes contraction or freeze, the infamous fight or freeze response to potentially harmful events, like a pandemic, or when you’re having a safari in Africa and suddenly the tire of your 4wheel goes flat when a herd of lions is approaching.

Most people spent a lifetime repeating the stories they created around their trauma’s, without really solving anything. It’s a way to stay away from the pain. The majority of humans rather avoid pain to stay in a kind of middle range of emotions. Other options are to numb yourself out with addiction. Then the life pulse of your life starts to look like this:

Numb — Numb — Numb — TRIGGER — Numb — Numb —NETFLIX — Numb — Numb — TRIGGER — Numb — Numb — MacDonalds

I did that myself too, for ages, especially in relationships, the perfect breeding ground to explore your triggers. Until I found a place safe enough to really go deeper, release the pain and opening up to fully receive the love from others. From that imprint on, it is easier for me to stay open, to be more heart connected.

The downside of feeling deeper is that I also feel emotions more that I used to label negative. Like disconnection, grief, anger and the pain of life in general. I recently found out that this capacity is not a downside at all unless I manage to really go deep into the emotion, breathe into it so to speak.

It is our minds that make things about ourselves wrong, and this closure from feeling deeper and accepting our emotions actually causes pain, not trauma in itself

So I guess that’s it for now. I described my process of opening up more, with feeling more as a result, less addiction and numbing out.. and as the end result: feeling more joy… yeah

That is one way of living a more heart-connected life. And I believe this process is applicable for many people since we behave kind of the same when it comes to trauma, how we deal with our pain, emotions and opening up.

Please share your experiences in the comments when you like, thank you.

Lucien Lecarme

Lucien is author of the future novel “The Wisdom Keeper“. Sign up for the Wisdom keeper’s 8-week online abundance course here to accelerate your abundance and freedom awakening towards living a more human and interconnected life together.

Not Your Money but Your Mind Is the Door to Your Freedom

How to change your relationship with money to change the game

In a few months last year, I owned over €10.000. A rarity in the last decade of my life.

What did I do with it?

I spent it on a magical 6-day horseback journey over the Andes with 5 friends in Argentina. I lavished myself in Costa Rica in a surf retreat and did a spiritual deep dive in the Envision festival. I danced the tango in Buenos Aires for 2 weeks staying in amazing AirBnB’s.

It was all soul-nourishing and some of the memories will stay with me forever. But now I need to pay the rent again with my freelance work.

I literally never know how much will come in each month, but it kind of always works out. It did for the past 7 years, so why not for the next month?

Still, I can wake up feeling the cold sweat of the fear of lack of money. The classic: “What if…”

I discovered a way to deal with those worries about money.

I realized I can’t control the people that might like to hire me, but I do can control my mind.

I even believe now after years of practice, that my relation to this fear, my relationship to the idea of lack, influences the flow of money in my life. It is not one on one, it is not a trick, but it does have a major impact.

Let me take you on my journey. I sincerely believe anybody can do the same.

What is money?

Money is a big deal for most people, even people that have enough of it. It is a mindset, a way of looking at the world, a lifestyle almost. And it is very personal. For some it can become an obsession, a holy grail, for others it just comes and goes like the tide. I belong to the latter group.

What you don’t have you don’t need it now — U2 lyric from A Beautiful Day

In the spiritual circles and in many new-agy coursebooks you will read that money is an energy, money is Love.

I agree, but I can’t pay the rent to my old Ibicencan landlord with love. No matter how compassionate I would be to the cashier in the local supermercado, I would not be able to pass the counter with my shopping after giving her a big hug full of positive energy.

Imagine for a moment a world where that actually would work, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Money can be a materialization of love and energy and it is often a result of our mindset, our conditioning and limiting beliefs in life.

What do I mean with that?


Money as a mindset

Maybe you have the following mindset, a deep believe how the world works:

In your life you have been conditioned to ‘survive’ this harsh world, you are alone and you have ‘to make it’. Money is scarce, and you will need to fight for it. You need to become ‘better’ than your colleague, or else he or she will take your money and you’d be left behind.

Or you might believe this:

When I follow my passion, joy, and talents, I believe life will reward me. There is, in fact, enough money for everybody and when I start sharing my gifts, start giving value to people in their every days life, the money will flow to me as a fair reward.

The magical thing here is, it is up to you what to believe.

Maybe we can divide the people on this planet into two categories. The ones that have learned to believe in lack, and the ones that believe in abundance. I get it, it’s too black and white. It’s for the sake of what I bring forward.

Where do you belong?

To find out, sit for a moment with yourself and take some time to write down your dominant ideas around money. What does the dollar mean to you? Think about your mother and father, how did they perceive money? Did it flow easily for them? Was it a struggle in parts of their lives? And how come? What imprint did that make on you when you were young?

This is an important one, go as deep as you can and figure out this essential thing:

Do you believe there is enough money for everyone, in other words, abundance is your core mindset, or do you have a deeper belief that there is not enough for everybody, at least not for you and there is a structural scarcity?

Research shows that only 19 % of Americans think they make enough money. This means the rest somehow faces a reality of lack, of not making enough money.

What really helped me in unfolding my own limiting beliefs around money was the 21 days abundance challenge from Deepak Chopra. I believe many people around the world have done it, or are doing it right now. Find a link at the end of this article.

To fully grasp the fact that money is a mindset is your key to having more, or less of it. Or at least, coming to peace in your relationship with money

Why don’t you save some money?

When I was a kid, I was a real banker. I had a small vault with a lock and a key, and I saved as much of the small pocket money as I received. I also saved old coins. I even had one from 1749 from the Dutch East Indian Company.

I could spend hours counting my money, and up till this very moment I can tab in the good feeling that gave me. Sometimes I even smelled it, and it didn’t stink. I also loved Monopoly and gaining all those expensive streets gave me a short-lived sensation of power. I did feel sorry though for my young peers that were left with nothing. Monopoly was trying to make me ready for the real world.

I completely lost that ability to save along the way. What happened?

Well, in short, life hit me.

Already from a young age, I had to deal with severe losses in my life. My mother died when I was 22. I never inherited large sums of money, I did have to make it on my own, most of the times in life. And I Did.

My life lessons became my capital.

Losing my mother dying of cancer changed a lot for me.

I am sure it added to the art of living in the moment that I started to apply to my own life more and more.

It is the: Why save all my money for later when later can be taken away from me in an instant?

The losses in my life molded my soul and contributed to living in the moment and finding all I need in that sweet spot of blissful simply being here

When you have lost a dear one, you might recognize this feeling. And I realize this can apply to even find yourself the times just after the ending of a relationship

Death, or the pain of loss, strips away al the non-essential things in life.


Death and Money

Death is the best teacher to throw you in the wild currents of life, you might feel you drown sometimes, but at least you are alive.

Before death entered my life, I realized I was standing at the sideline waiting for life to begin.

Death comes with the assignment to fix the more fundamental questions in life, at least, when you are open to it.

Why are you here? What do you really want to do in life?

I have experienced that life is short, death is real, I better start making the best out of it. Every day, every minute.

That is why for me, I tend to spend my money on widening my horizon, on courses that make me expand, and travel and connecting to people I don’t know.

At the end of each journey, I have an empty bank account and golden memories. I have lived, I have loved, I felt pain and found ecstasy in smelling the flowers along my path.

This is exactly why I don’t save much money. My culture still tells me I should, this is how that works and what you can do about letting that go too.

The way money works in the West

In our western culture, the core-setting is scarcity, Period. Our complete economy is built around scarcity.

From when we were young we have been taught that money is scarce. Without scarcity, no economy.

More for you means less for me. Our system has thrown us in a endless competition for never enough money

Because we have been taught this by our parents, the way they lived, our schools, teachers, and society itself, this is one of the deepest mindsets most people have.

The way we organize our money has become a result of the belief in the story of lack. In fact, our money system itself has become something based on lack. This is because the money comes with interest-bearing debt. Money must make more of itself, so in essence, there is never enough money.

When the bank lends you $1000,-, you need to pay interest, so you need to bring at least $1100,- back to the bank.

The bank credit of $25.000,- I took when I graduated from Uni took me 15 years to pay off. At the end of that journey, I had paid the bank $50.000,-.It was a good lesson not to deal with banks or take high credits. I never had a mortgage.

Take a moment for yourself and realize how strong this belief, this truth, this cultural mindset is alive in yourself. How much of that story do you actually believe?

For me, in my personal life, it is no longer true. Life has shown me another truth. One that is more real than my teachers and parents have taught me.

I will show you how to slowly peel these layers of cultural limiting belief, of the false collective mindset of scarcity that created our present-day money.


How to free yourself from the prison of money

The mindset of the permanent lack of money making us compete for it is the root cause of most of our problems in this world.

It has created the pyramidical financial systems where 1 per cent owns everything, and 99% does not. I write about this in my own publication: Spirit of Crypto.

I have decided to step out of that system, by simply thinking differently, because my heart continuously tells me there is a more beautiful world possible than the one we have created so far.

At the core of my thinking is believing. After my life lessons, my pain and journey, I have come to the realization that there is no lack in my life anymore, there is only abundance.

Well, that’s easy, your critical or cynical mind might think reading this. And quite honestly, yeah, it is. You can do this too.

There is an abundance when all I have is my last €100,-, and there is an abundance when I had my €10k.

Don’t mix the amount of money people have with how abundant they are, how abundant they feel. Many people feel rather shitty in their big palaces with security cameras and high fences.

Abundance is our birth right and in some crazy way, it is taken away from you and me. But only as long as we allow since abundance is a state of mind

You can claim it back. This is how

How to claim your abundance

The most direct way is tapping in the abundance that is you, that lives in you.

You will need some quietness, contemplation, meditation, and beauty of nature for this.

The best is to combine all of this. Find a beautiful spot in nature, and meditate there, contemplating some universal truths. Connect to the abundance of nature that lives in you too, since you are an interconnected part of nature.

Or when you are in a room, just sit down and create a nurturing atmosphere. Light some candles, ignite some incense, put on some soft quiet music.

Than tab into the reality that the core of your essence is abundance. Feel the gratitude on a deep level. For this life, for the fact that you breathe and can feel your heart. For everything that is around you, that you acquired. It can be material things, but also your friendships, your family, your talents.

Be thankful for the little gifts that each and every day brings you.

Gratefulness is the rich soil on which abundance grows

Really, there is not much more to it.

I could go on and tell you about frequencies, the law of attraction and so on, but that turns it all into a trick you can learn. For me, this question is more relevant

Can you feel the abundance flooding through the veins of your life, can you feel that true source of life? Can you tune into your heart by silencing the voices in your head and can it magically evoke a real smile on your face?

In that feeling and reality, there is no place for scarcity let alone the prison of money that our culture has built around us.

Trust life and money will flow

There is another final mind exercise I like to show you. It is my personal safe haven in times when my old conditioning takes over. O yeah, that can happen.

I can wake up sweaty with rings of fear around my heart telling me I won’t survive another day and they all come and get me and throw me in a deep dark smelly dungeon when I can’t pay my rent. Or something like that.

Then I remember myself this other truth, I tell myself this:

First of all: From all the fears that my mind created, none of them has played out in the real world. None. You can do the check for yourself. Or at least, not in the same exact manner.

That makes the voice of my fears a big liar. And frankly, it is.
Your mind can become the Alfred Hitchcock of your life producing ultimate horror scenes on demand, making you hooked and keeping you stuck in the darkness of your home cinema in your head. While outside the sun shines.

Second: Apparently I have managed to pay that same amount of money for the rent for the last 7 years I live here. So I will manage now.

Just look at the facts of life. You are alive, you probably have some food in your fridge, you have friends, a home, you can read these lines and God bless you are healthy.

OK, one layer under that comforting thought might still be some doubt.

Will that freelance job come through? How many books will I sell this month? I many people will join my guided tours? Or whatever job you do.

Then I breathe out, tune into the 2nd strongest feeling after feeling the abundance all around you and deep inside of you: Trust


Trust has brought me here

Life has proven me this far that I can fully trust the universe, he or she or it will have my back.

To trust is an exercise in looking beyond the fear, in looking what is actually real.

What reality tells me is that life really treats me well. I do work for it, I have my doubts, my fallbacks, and short-lived crisis. Throughout all of those life lessons that shaped me, I have come to some certain truths about money, life, abundance, and trust. They have become my guiding light.

The more I give to live, the more life gives me back. The more I trust life, the more life rewards me.

When you tune into your own abundance that lives deep inside of you beyond conditioned layers of fear, beyond the voice of culture that imprints you with lack, you will find an ocean of abundance.

Swim in it as much as you can, and your life slowly but surely will materialize in the same abundance, whatever that means for your unique path of life.

Lucien Lecarme

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