How Humility is the Way Out of Our Polarized Society

You can co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible by embracing a new story for humanity


‘History tells us, that a value shift is triggered by a new story how we want to live’ — Steward Harris

According to thought leader Charles Eisenstein, the biggest collective myth humanity has found itself in is the story of separation.

I am not you, we are separate from nature, I am a single unit in an indifferent world that makes me compete and survive instead of longing to unite and thrive.

This all starts with a story.

Culture is the answer to the question of what it means to be human. In this sensitive turn-around timeframe, we are finding ourselves in at the moment, our answer to most of our challenges is obtaining more control.

First and foremost our control over nature.

Our story of separation leaves us with a deep unsafety since control comes from the mind and ratio that only can exist per definition in a world of polarity and duality.

The opposite would be following our hearts in full surrender to life, nature and our soul’s journey. The paradigm of current spiritual movements that has his roots in the new age from the eighties.

The story of separation has made ‘the other’ to a threat, something to control, something to rule and conquer like we try to do with nature. Our social media has made it possible to de-humanize our fellow peers with one push on the buttons on our screens.

The root of our polarized world can be found in our story of culture, the story of separation. We have unlearned to include ‘the other’ in our hearts. Instead, we rage wars against nature forgetting that we are an intrinsic beautiful intelligent part of nature.

Go one level deeper and you end with fear.

Nature, that whimsical force out there, can wipe us from its feat in an instant. According to Eisenstein, we have diminished nature to that bunch of stuff out there. Our ‘economic resource’ with the sole function to feed the machinery of mass consumption, our (rather stupid) illusion of infinite economic growth on a finite planet.

Since nature can kill us, we need to go out and battle her. This is at least what our forefathers experienced first hand when they sailed the oceans to conquer more land and drowned in storms when pests and other diseases diminished the world population by a quarter.

Go back a few thousand years further and you find Greek emperors offering their offspring to please the Gods that ruled our ancient world. These Gods were sometimes half human-half nature, like Poseidon, raging thunder and earthquakes, or Zeus hitting humanity with his lightning rage.

We gave nature a human face and made that into our intermediaries with the forces of nature, our first immature manifestation of controlling natures outcome by offerings and giving its force a human face.

Our human evolution has been dictated by conquering nature and our myths and legends are full of hero’s submitting the forces of nature all the way into our science-driven society which sole goal seems to be to copy nature in its desire to become the creator, to become God. The ultimate control.

Will our battle against nature continue forever until there is not more nature left? — or will our story of separation be able to transform in something more wise, more mature, more beautiful and appealing to the heart?

The answer seems and feels simple. Once we accept the fact that we are simply a part of nature, of the mystical magic tapestry of cause and events, when humanity embraces its Karma as being an integrated part of a wider web of knowledge and intelligence, when we finally wake up and embrace a new world from a non-dualistic perspective, than, yes than I see hope at the horizon.

When we place ourselves back into nature, as being an intrinsic part of its laws and wisdom, we automatically become more humble.

When the rivers, the forests and the stars are a part of me, I am ready to begin to feel deep gratitude for even being here. Then magic returns to my world, and I get in touch with my essence, which is divine like nature is divine in its incredibly simple complexity.

When I become nature, my duality dissolves in a profound surrender to life itself. I let the waves of the sea carry me instead of using them to conquer other worlds. Now it is the world within that I lay my ear upon to listen to its old forgotten wisdom, its whispers of sages and Goddesses that rule over creation and life itself, by dissolving and truly understanding the source of it all.

When you become an intrinsic part of me, I regain my basic curiosity in this world. Since now suddenly there are so many I’s around. How can I still lose myself in my polarizing, dehumanizing, fight of the other(s), when I can walk around the earth with a child’s innocence to open up and see what I can learn from all these other I’s that all have a wonderful message and gift for me in my soul journey to become one and complete with all?

The world truly would be an amazing place full of joy, learning, celebration and awe. A more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, as Charles Eisenstein describes it.

His solution for co-creating this paradise on earth, is approaching our current polarized reality from that new paradigm. When it is true that we are already small particles in an interconnected web of beings, we, personally, can align our own story to that truth. That is, at least when you feel that in your heart.

I perceive this as a kind of gentle obstruction of our current story of culture that seems to lead us to destruction, more separation and a technocratic world in where our souls slowly die from the absence of heartfelt connection, replaced by automated tracking, distancing, isolation and more control.

Ask your own heart for a second if it really loves to continue that path? What is your hearts answer? Does that image make your soul sing? And if not, what story would you love to write in the universe of limitless possibilities?










The answer and part of the solution is to start believing and living and telling an alternative story for humanity, and integrate this story in your own life right here and right now.

This is part of my job, to co-create this more beautiful world with my words. Every.Single.Day. To be an earth wisdom warrior with a light sword of words and stories to crack open our collective consciousness to more love and light.

Because it is our imagination that made Homo Sapiens Thrive millions of years ago on this planet. We have the power to imagine a more beautiful world. We can ask ourselves how that world looks like and an image pops up in our minds.

That image can organize, guide and unite complete tribes, as it did in the past.

And we can start living that image of interconnected beings, merged with nature and in respect and awe for its force and our own life force. You can start living that reality as from today.

We all can walk our talk, and start walking each other home to where are true souls belong. In a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible

It is all around the corner of our imagination. That same imagination that can change in what we believe, that can change our values, that can change our collective myth, that eventually can change our culture, that can change our day to day reality until it has become that story we were brave enough to imagine.

This knowledge truly humbles me, the profound awareness that you are a part of me, cleverly disguised as you. It humbles me to know that I am just a tiny part of nature, and yet being able to feel its grandness thrusting life force through my veins.

This new journey for humanity starts with becoming humble again, humbled to the greatest gift of all, life itself.

Lucien Lecarme

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