How To Benefit From Highly Energetic Places

Sometimes they show you miracles, this is what I experienced.

Rain drizzled from a grey sky on that late October afternoon in Ibiza. I just led a Dutch family to a place called Atlantis. From there, we had to make a steep climb to see Es Vedra, an amazing rock formation in the south-west of the island. The parents tired, the kids loving it. I turned my head to the left to take one last glance at Atlantis, the place where the Phoenicians took out big blocks of sandstone to build the walls of Ibiza town.

What I saw next took all my breath away

A huge perfect spiral in the sea, at least 2 km wide.

My brain could not place this image immediately, but my body felt it directly, in a nanosecond. This was a miracle of nature. A real present was given to me when I least expected it.

My photographer’s instinct survived this energetic blast and I quickly took out my Nokia 43 megapixel camera phone. I took that one shot. Then I turned around to the family and pointed at the miracle.

Yes, Yes, A spiral. Can we go home now?

Didn’t they see it? Or were they just too tired? I decided to have a last look at this amazing phenomenon of nature, and I led the family safe home.

Later I Googled ‘Spiral in the ocean’, and found nothing.

This is a story about what living in front of a powerspot has given me apart from the spiral, and how you can benefit from energetically highly charged places. They can literally change your life in a nanosecond.

The earth has places of high vibration. This often goes hand in hand with extreme beauty. Think of Uluru in Australia, the sacred ancestral creator spirit from the Dreamtime of the Aborigines. Or the Egyptian pyramids.

Powerspots are places where new information enters the world. On those often famous spots, a calibration takes place.

They are the chakras of the earth. Acupuncturists will treat the centre points of chakras to re-centre the body. The powerspots on the earth are channels of high vibrational energy that re-centre the earth. They often attract thousands of tourists that come for their extreme beauty, but subconsciously are attracted to its higher vibration.

They are places of healing, transformation, gaining new insights and sometimes natural ecstasy.

Imagine living in front of one of those places. That is what happened to me.

I gained a lot of insights on how to benefit from that strong energy, and what it can teach us. I lead people on hikes, and organize short retreats in front of the famous powerspot in Ibiza: Es Vedra. All of those activities are inspired by its energy. Because this natural beauty needs to be shared, with as many people as possible.

And there is a dark side to it, I come to that later.

I also believe these magic places play an important role in the transformation we are undergoing as humanity at the moment.

There is a lot of disruption, people are searching for their true purpose, and we are learning to take care of the earth again. Powerspots can help us in our quest, personal and on a broader level.

First, let’s have a look at the seven most famous powerspots that are easy to visit

Mount_coliforniaThe 7 chakras of the earth: The most energetic places


This list comes from some research. I googled energetic strong places and found an article by Laura Grier. Her story in starts, you guessed it, in front of Es Vedra, Ibiza. Some other writers mention other places of power like Mount Beluga in Siberia, the mother root chakra of the earth. Or a place in the mountains in Bulgaria where every year thousands of people gather in white to dance in symmetrical forms to celebrate the strong energy there.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. According to certain laws of attraction, we attract what we vibrate. Raising your vibration then becomes a tool to get closer to your soul purpose. That is what we are all here for.

Next to your personal vibration, the earth has its own vibration. Its called the Shuman resonance. Many believe that this pressure has lots to do with the awareness of humans on the planet.

We are in a period of highly increasing vibrations. The Shuman resonance is accelerating.

When we look at humanity, I believe we are in a story in between stories. Meaning the old paradigm, things we believed in, are no longer true for many.

Our economic system, for example, seems to be in the process of getting obsolete. Do you still believe in our cartoon politicians? New technologies like the Blockchain are invented to bridge us to our new phase of evolution.

Now let’s take this back to a more personal level.

Many people are called in these days to become transformers. People to help make that change. They are the coaches, healers, visionary and modern saints and visionaries of today’s society. They have learned to raise their own vibration, embrace their deeper soul purpose and in doing so they are embodying that change. They are walking the talk.

True transformation is the result of challenging choices, letting go of the old even when the new hasn’t manifested yet. It can take tremendous courage since the old provided security. As a Ninja warrior of your life, it requires you to step into the unknown.

Powerspots can be of great help when you find yourself in a similar process.

Powerspots are the generators of change and energetic initiators. Staying close to a high energetic places on earth will raise your vibration and in doing so brings you closer to your purpose.

This also applies to your favourite place in nature. It can even be in a park in a city. A place to redraw from the buzz of life and recharge. Like the bigger powerspots, often there is a sense of awe and beauty around those places. A place where you can breathe. It doesn’t matter how strong, but you probably feel it and that’s why you use them as a natural battery to recharge.

When you haven’t found one yet, I hope this piece inspires you to go find your own powerspot in nature.


I have some friends that are very sensitive to these kinds of energies. They visit Es Vedra especially to receive the new program by meditating in front of Es Vedra. Or just being in its presence for a while. In one rare occasion, a woman couldn’t face the rock directly. After finally meeting the rock, she explained to me she felt energetically run over by a train.

Energetically high charged places will support and speed up your process of transformation. In front of them, you can drop your old stories and stand naked in front of your own truth. And possibly embrace it.

This new vibration challenges you to get aligned with it, so you need to step up to the game. Cut out any bullshit of the mind and dare to take the next step, including any difficult choices you might have to make.

Lower vibration simply can’t catch up with the new energy that is entering your system around power places.

Es Vedra’s energy is intensifying and purifying. The higher vibration creates the experience that everything is more intense. Its beauty, incredible sunsets, a full moon setting in the sea wrapping everything in magic silver shine.


The dark side I mentioned earlier is that the shadow of everything gets magnified too.

When I feel a bit alone in my house in front of the rock, I feel desolate, a soul gone astray in the middle of a deserted sea. When I feel pain, it is pretty intense and I need to purge it immediately. Sometimes very powerfull winds and thunder and lightning rage around me in winter and it feels like the rock is purging the shadow of humanity.

W.T.F ?

This may sound far off, but maybe you have experienced this too when being close to a Powerspot. Or even want to experience this. The downloads you can get and the purging will all help you to accelerate your process you are in. This is why I started to organize the retreats here, to offer that channel to people.

In a very organic way, I have found tools around Es Vedra to support these processes of letting go and receiving with my clients.

The spiral in the sea that I saw that afternoon was super special. But there are more spirals around Es Vedra and Atlantis. Just before the steep descent to Atlantis, there is a big stone spiral made by Andres. He used to live in a cave high above Atlantis with his partner. A wise man whose life mission was to take care of the stone spiral. A modern Sadhu, wise men. For him, the spiral symbolized the cosmos, life and death, infinity.

I invite my guests to enter the spiral. Its energy really works when people step inside. I ask them to let go of whatever doesn’t serve them any longer, leave an offering in the middle, and receive new life-force, inspiration and what they are ready for.


Interestingly enough the energetic vortex of the powerspot Es Vedra has been materialized in the stone spiral made by Andres. A vortex literally means Swirling Spiral energy.

What I witnessed in the sea that October afternoon was another materialization of the same vortex energy, the huge perfect spiral in the sea.

It is not always easy to live around those energies all the time. But I have embraced my own purpose to hold space for it. To transmit and explain its knowledge to visitors.

It helped me to realize my long kept dream. I wrote a novel in front of the rock: The Wisdom keeper. I am sure there is some rock wisdom in there too.

Find your own powerspot, your sanctuary of beauty. However big or small it is, it will reconnect you with your purity, grace and inner peace. Whenever you feel displaced, off-center or drowning in a world of noise, outer layers and diffusion, it will guide you back to your own power.

Awakening is a different name for raising one’s frequency. It is about becoming aware of different perspectives, from which you may choose whatever you resonate with

Raphael Zernoff

Lucien Lecarme

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