How to Start Living a More Heart-Directed Life?

Open up more and embrace the true virtues of your heart to feel more joy

The main qualities of the heart are compassion, forgiveness, generosity, gratefulness, acceptance, Love and wisdom.

Old mystics, Zen Buddhists and wise men all over the world have studied the essence of life and awareness for ages. They all come back to the immense intelligence and wisdom of the heart and its ability to connect to other hearts, and they have discerned the heart as the place of virtue.

One of the masters in my life, the meditation teacher Burgs, explains in his books and videos that it is enough to spend 1/3 of our time towards ourselves, and 2/3 of our time towards others to become truly happy and fulfilled people.

It takes mindfulness to come to a human life
and than above that,
It takes mindfulness and virtue
to come to a fortunate human life — Burgs

Burgs teaches meditation for people to stop the constant blur of the mind and start being open to the infinite wisdom of the heart.

I believe the souls of people have to wake up first to a certain degree to make the conscious choice to live our lives in virtue, with helping others rather than struggle the infinite ego struggle, being caught up daily in everlasting conflicts, triggers and negative

self-confirming habit patterns. Ergo, to be victims of our lives.

How to Start Living a More Heart-Directed Life?

“You have to teach your heart and mind to sing together, than you’ll hear the sound of your soul” — zen wisdom

To achieve this is not easy and different for everybody. Some need to rock bottom in their addiction, some have to completely live out their toxicity to realize that it brings them nowhere. Some have an instant awakening experience.

I believe millions of people around the world have woken up to a certain degree during the last months since crises are opportunities for growth.

Awakening is an ongoing process, the good news is that the heart is patient. It silently waits for your awakening, which means his/her awakening, which means for your mind to finally shut up.

The bad news is that fear isn’t helping to wake up. Or maybe it is?

Lets dive in this deeper for a moment. From fear comes contraction or freeze, the infamous fight or freeze response to potentially harmful events, like a pandemic, or when you’re having a safari in Africa and suddenly the tire of your 4wheel goes flat when a herd of lions is approaching.

Most people spent a lifetime repeating the stories they created around their trauma’s, without really solving anything. It’s a way to stay away from the pain. The majority of humans rather avoid pain to stay in a kind of middle range of emotions. Other options are to numb yourself out with addiction. Then the life pulse of your life starts to look like this:

Numb — Numb — Numb — TRIGGER — Numb — Numb —NETFLIX — Numb — Numb — TRIGGER — Numb — Numb — MacDonalds

I did that myself too, for ages, especially in relationships, the perfect breeding ground to explore your triggers. Until I found a place safe enough to really go deeper, release the pain and opening up to fully receive the love from others. From that imprint on, it is easier for me to stay open, to be more heart connected.

The downside of feeling deeper is that I also feel emotions more that I used to label negative. Like disconnection, grief, anger and the pain of life in general. I recently found out that this capacity is not a downside at all unless I manage to really go deep into the emotion, breathe into it so to speak.

It is our minds that make things about ourselves wrong, and this closure from feeling deeper and accepting our emotions actually causes pain, not trauma in itself

So I guess that’s it for now. I described my process of opening up more, with feeling more as a result, less addiction and numbing out.. and as the end result: feeling more joy… yeah

That is one way of living a more heart-connected life. And I believe this process is applicable for many people since we behave kind of the same when it comes to trauma, how we deal with our pain, emotions and opening up.

Please share your experiences in the comments when you like, thank you.

Lucien Lecarme

Lucien is author of the future novel “The Wisdom Keeper“. Sign up for the Wisdom keeper’s 8-week online abundance course here to accelerate your abundance and freedom awakening towards living a more human and interconnected life together.

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