Ibiza Camper Adventure

Ibiza, also known as the island of eternal spring, is a great place to have a one of a kind camper experience. We advice you to come in spring (april – june)  or autumn (sept – december) when it is not too crazy busy, the temperature is do-able hot in daytime and cooler in nighttime, and the chances to find empty secluded beaches and nice places to camp for a night are high. When you book our Vintage 1988 Ibiza Styled Ford Transit, Lucien will come and pick you up from the airport and your adventure is ready to start. You will get a link to information on a dozen and more great silent places to camp including googlemap links. Lucien is Hiking Guide on Ibiza so you can trust him to have some nice tips and advice. The Van is cosey and includes a 2 person bed with sheets ( easily transformed into a small living room with 2 tables) a 2 pit stove and sink with water, music system (*subwoofer*) and lots of sun and amazing sunsets ! to book use Camptoo in Holland or sent a mail to Lucien.

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