Ibiza’s absolute top 5 (secret?) beaches

Cala-den-SerraIbiza has roughly 60 beaches that are, lets call it touristic, meaning on the majority is a chiringuito or ‘beach bar’ and they are more or less easy to reach. Ibiza has than another give or takes 100 beaches that you can call ‘secret’. Difficult to reach, you need insider information, and sometimes you only can get there by swimming. I am not going to mention these beaches in this blog since I believe they should remain ‘secret’. But I will describe my personal five favourite medium secret beaches, that are not known to many people since they are away from the mainstream flow of tourists. It has advantages to be a hiking guide, you discover all the tremendous exclusive places of Ibiza, and I am happy to share some of that knowledge.

These mainstream tourist beaches can be great places by the way, especially in winter. But we are talking about summer here now!  And believe it or not, even in summer they can be great, and I often go there. The parking is the only thing that sucks, and the reason to avoid these places or come early. I will mention 5 top Ibiza beaches with some surprises many don’t know

My personal top 5 famous Ibiza beaches for mainstream tourists are
1. Salinas. Massive parking trouble in Summer, more and more tourists seem to come here every year. When you go early, walk all the way to the left and find some more or less private small beaches

2. Playa Den Bossa. Nr 1 party beach, but when you walk to the end on your right facing the sea, you find a renovated open pirate watchtower that is the only Pirate Watchtower Museum in the world. Open in summer!

3. Cala Compte. The best sunsets of the island, say no more. Great food and live music in Sunset Ashram. There is a hidden chiringuito and small beach very close, try to find it!  When you walk to the right, you find fantastic satellite rocky beaches. Respect the locals who own boathouses there and have picnics on weekends!

4. Cala Dhort. Home of Es Vedra, and my beach (I live close there). The combination of sunset and Es Vedra is outstanding, the lunch at Resto Carmen amazing. What I love best is to sit at the smaller restaurant on the right after sunset, with a coctail and look at the lights in the masts of the boats swinging on the soft breeze right in front of you. This is a romantic nr 1 hotspot,  surprise your partner for a late dinner here.

IMG_5910 - kopie
5.Cala Nova. I love these waves here, always. The only place where I have seen some kite-surfing. A trendy beach with several Chiringuito’s, and the stylish Atzaro at the beach to throw some more money on a great lunch and dito cocktails lounging on the ultra-white beds watching people on the beach play beach tennis (palas). Tick, tock, tick. The secret: I NEVER saw ANY medusa, or jelly fish here.

Secret Beaches
secret_beachesThere is a famous book on Ibiza called “Secret Beaches”, written by Rob Smith. I know the writer, and he is a very sympathetic guy. The result of publishing a guide book and calling it Secret Beaches is most obvious that they will become a bit less secret since you display the way to get to them. So in time, the book will get less and less valid. The good thing, however, is that many beaches in this book are so difficult to reach, that mainstream tourists won’t even try. It will appeal more to the adventurous travellers. To some of the beaches in this book, you should even swim. (Where do you leave your iPhone then?)

Here are my five medium secret beaches

1. Cala Den Serra.
You need to drive to the north, and this drive is part of the fun. Take the old San Juan road (Going right up at the right of the Los Otros shop in San Juan). Just before entering Portinatx you will see a sign saying Playa Den Serra. Take this road to the right, it will turn into a dirt road (Camino), and at the end, you will go down. Go down with 4wheel drives, leave your OK rent a car 1.0 Fiat Punto above and walk the short walk down to this small paradise beach. But please, don’t come all at once! There are only about 20 sunbeds. The great thing here is you get served on the beach when you smile nice, and the food is good. Also, the snorkelling is pretty good: Take your gear!

2. Welcome in Utopia
This beach used to be even better in the past, but it is still worth a visit! The new owner restyled it a bit, and no more eat as many anchovies as you like for €15 on Fridays… but the anchovies you do order is pretty amazing. Also surprising is the big sunbed that is greatly priced, offers shade and in high demand, so come early (come 9 am, and you will get it!). Paddleboarding from this place in the San Miguel bay is a nice sporty thing to do. Or relax knowing you are on a small intimate beach where the lunch is just fine, the sun hot and the day will pass in splendour and enjoyment. A place to forget the rest of the world, that’s why it is called Utopia. O yes, how to get there. You walk up the hill on the left side of playa San Miguel, and after about 10 minutes you are welcomed in Utopia.

3. The Cala San Vicence experience: Get 3 in a day!
Most people never go the north of Ibiza, that’s a shame. Cala San Vicence is a huge beach, plenty of space, and never full because it is kind of out of the mainstream. Combine this beach trip with visiting the cave of the Goddess of Ibiza, Tanit. Take the road from San Juan, which is, by the way, the NR1 epic scenic Ibiza route with views all the way to Mallorca on a very clear day. When you spot the purple Es Cullerum sign pointing to a road on the left heading up: follow this road all the way up to the cave parking. Take a moment for yourself, pray to the Goddess, and may your stay on Ibiza be blessed. After your beach day on Cala San Vicence, visit Chirinquito ‘On the Beach’. They offer truly the NR1 service on the island, you have great loungy views, and some Dutch treats like chicken Sate (peanut sauce). Also the Paella here rocks. So here you have it, 3 number ones in a day; Scenic Route, The Goddess and ONTHEBEACH.

4. Cala Comptita
I mentioned this one before, and when you took the effort to read on, you get rewarded now! This is the secret satellite beach of Cala Compte, and many will overlook it for the simple reason that it is: easy to overlook.
This is because you need to look down, no, really. When you walk to the cliffs at the left of Cala Compte, the views are so outstanding that you won’t look down, why would you? But you should for a second and there she is: Cala Escondida, the hidden beach. With a great Chiringuito that is one of the few organic minded ones. They serve small snacks in sustainable bamboo cups, lovely. At the left is the small hidden beach where some people will get naked, and some don’t, that’s up to you. When you love to dive into the sunset ritual at the end of the day, walk up and clap for the sun with the hundreds of tourists that you will find gathered on the cliffs. Or stay hidden on your beach and drink a cocktail with a good friend or lover at the bar dreaming about the night to come.

5. Cala Gracionetta
I love this little pearl, winter and summer. Again, please don’t go there all at once, it is pretty petite. But, o boy what a transparent blue azure water in front of your nose. The later you go in the season, the more chances you get to have a sunset. So some of the tips I have for you: walk to the left over the rocks when you like a bigger beach (Cala Gracio)and a typical Spanish Chiringuito where you can order for example a Shandy, bear with lemon Fanta. Or better, walk to the right to chase the sunset at the end of the day. Nestle yourself on the rocks, take some cava with you and your partner and enjoy the best natural show Ibiza has for you. When you walk further and further, you eventually arrive at Hostal del Torre, the new Cafe del Mar. You can have dinner here on loungy music that is tuned to the sun setting. You also can stay at Gracionetta beach and have a cocktail or even dinner hanging around on the left side where you will have the sun the longest. This is a fantastic spot by the way, for max six people to maybe reserve it when you visit this white pearl of Ibiza in the daytime.  DISFRUTAR !


I hope this blog will help you find your way in busy Ibiza summer, and discover some of its amazing abundant nature. Ibiza is a tourist destination, and everybody will find his or her way. The golden rule for any place in the world: If you take a step outside of the mainstream, you will be probably rewarded and surprised by what Ibiza has to offer. I hope I got you inspired to do so and enjoy Ibiza beach life 2019 to the max.
Lucien Lecarme, July 2019

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