Llintrisca walk

On the outher south-west point of the island one cliff hides a secluded fishermen’s beach, the Cala Llintrisca. It is a rough terrain with the typical south-east rocky character, and in fact even made available for mountain biking.

I had seen the impressive Cala before from Casa Inspiracion, one of the few villas in that earea, and from there you see nothing but trees, rocks and the big father Rock, Es Vedra, from an unusual angle. For most of my walk to Cala Llintrisca i felt Vedra in my back, and stopped many times to just purely enjoy the look of it from this angle, because you see it’s complete structure, lying as a waiting and guardian sfinx in the ocean.

Now , what struck me most this beautifull autumn afternoon, was the complete silence when i entered the Cala valley for descend. As if entering a holy space, you feel safe between the two adjacent high cliffs that surround the cala, and while the pale sun dissapeared above me, coming closer and closer tot the cala was almost like entering a church.
The pureness and clarity of this place is just mindblowing, especially in autumn or winter. And the sound of the water caressing the shore… ohh, just pure bliss. 3 fisherboats where attached to anchors close to the shore, and all kind of fisherman stuff lies around the stony beach. A proof that this place is hardly visited by humans in winter. And in fact, it is quite a stroll, but so worth taking this effort and discovering once more one of Ibizas hidden secrets.

watch a video of part of this walk >> click here