Men’s Retreat Ibiza

October 28th – November 3rd //   Men’s Retreat Ibiza
Sacred Brotherhood: From Stories to Embodiment

Together we work on Masculinity 2.0. We are all connected through sacred brotherhood that we are re-discovering and embodying through Men’s circles.


“We are sitting in circle doing breathing exercises just before the sunrise. This sacred ceremonial space feels timeless… what a magical place! You feel your body come alive as your thoughts drift away on a soft breeze welcoming this new day in Ibiza:The first day of your life. You wonder whether you will sleep in this cave tonight, why not? You feel like letting go, all structure, all have to do’s from your work, all your relationship trouble, stuck patterns. You start to surrender to the strong masculine field that is building up in the group. An amplified field old as humanity, but often misused and not really understood. But in this sacred place in front of the magnetic rock, you start to understand its power. You begin to feel held and save in that honest space. Your Brothers are here to hold you, not to fight you. In that newborn space, deep healing is starting to glow.. you are opening your heart more and more to the sacred brotherhood. A power soon indispensable in your life, guiding you in your mission, feeding you with support and presence

During this retreat, we come together in a space where we gather as equals. We invite you to join and open up to support each other, reflect on our lives, share, listen, challenge, to bring out the best in each other. We acknowledge that we need each other to learn, grow, and heal.


Amongst men, there is clear and honest energy and dynamics/interaction. In the traditions of our ancestors, men gathered together outdoors. They knew the wisdom that can emerge when men come together in a sacred space and time. We bring these (ancient) traditions back into our modern day and age, in our own way. We have personally transformed radically through men’s work. Therefore we offer this work to fellow men. It is our dream that every man on this planet has a group of brothers around him, who support him unconditionally. This can eventually lead to deep healing of hidden away deep wounds on an individual and collective level.

During the retreat, geared for men who are new to men’s work and also those who have experience, we will take you on a journey through practices of mature masculinity. In our work, we use the powerful masculine energy and presence of the rock Es Vedra, right in front of our retreat villa. In the October Retreat, you:

🔥 Will learn ways to access your own clarity
🔥 Feel & Experience the essence of Sacred Masculine Brotherhood
🔥 Connect in a playful and strong way with locked away vital masculine energy
🔥 Connect deeper to your body, become more of your body, feel your body more and release possible blockages
🔥 Learn to deal with and integrate parts of yourself that you have made wrong or for other reasons have pushed out of sight
🔥 Learn Breathwork
🔥 Activate more of your life force
🔥 Enjoy abundant nature on one of Ibiza’s best spots, make new friends and witness endless sunsets in front of Powerspot Es Vedra


Other modalities we use
– Breathing & Breathwork
– HeartIQ circle work (
– Chi Kung and sexual & Vital energy activation
– Exctatic dance
– In the moment RAP, activating your voice and body through music and rythm
– Hikes
– Meditation
– Voice activation

You will experience
💎 Breathwork Activation
💎 Sunrise Hike & Meditation in nature
💎 Mudbad on one of Ibiza best Beaches
💎 Exercises in Mutual Masculine trust building
💎 Authentic communication & Presencing
💎 Powerfull Haku exercises
💎 Emotional Release & Healing
💎 Deep Nourishing Sunset Music & Dance sessions
💎 Organic food made with much LOVE
💎 Extraordinary beautiful, strong and unique places on Ibiza like caves and ceremonial grounds


Monday October 28: 16-16.30 Welcome, check-in and drop off your luggage in your room: 17:00: Welcome circle. Connecting to the male energy and presence of our Power Spot Es Vedra, in front of our retreat villa.
Evening meal.  Full Moon Ritual

Tuesday October 29:
7.30 – 8.30 Chi Kung, breathwork, yoga and meditation (and other forms of body work)
8.30-9.30 Breakfast
10.00-12.30 Morning circle
12.30-13.30 Lunch
14.00-17.00 Hike and mud bath/wrestling
17.00-18.30 Afternoon circle
19.00-20.00 Dinner
Evening: free time

Wednesday October 30:
7.30 – 8.30 Chi Kung, breathwork, yoga and meditation (and other forms of body work)
8.30-9.30 Breakfast
10.00-12.30 Morning circle
12.30-13.30 Lunch
14.00-17.00 Haka (Maori tradition)
17.00-18.30 Afternoon circle
19.00-20.00 Dinner
Evening: free time

The program on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will contain similar elements. We will go for a hike near Atlantis. There will be time off during the afternoon which you can use to go to the beach, relax, and explore the island for example. The program is subject to adjustments during the retreat.  Sunday we will visit the cave of Tanit on the other side of the island, to honour the feminine and finish the retreat.

950 euro for stay in a single bed in a shared bedroom (max 2 persons)
650 euro for stay in a ready set tent, outside our retreat villa, with access to the outside bathroom

The price includes all retreat activities, stay in either the villa or a tent, and 3 meals a day during the 5 days of our retreat. Our local chef prepares all meals fresh with a lot of love and passion. The dishes are made with as many local ingredients as possible.

About the Facilitators









Jeroen van Weeghel (The man on the right)

Jeroen’s mission is to help connect men to their masculine spirit through bodywork, nature, walking, writing and speaking. He works with groups, individuals and teams.

Jeroen encountered men’s work and circles at the age of 22, in a quest to part ways with addiction to pornography. Connecting with himself and other men in a new and mature way, was part of the solution to the addiction. Connection is the opposite of addiction. When you feel truly connected to yourself and everyone and everything around you, there is no need for addiction.
Connecting to the wild and untamed masculine spirit opens the path to a deeper sense of fulfillment and belonging. Finding your own untamed spirit can be a challenge in the feminized and tamed society we live in. Therefore it can be very beneficial and supportive to connect to this spirit in a group of like minded men. The depth of the mature masculine spirit you can experience in a group of like minded men is unique.

In my facilitation I use tools from different sources in my own unique way. I am not characterized by one toolbox. I use techniques which enable me to work “out of the box” with my participants. I prefer to work like there is no box. My style of facilitation is characterized by sharpness, humour, depth, and a “no bullshit” approach. I aim to go right to the essence of an issue, and seeing through the stories we all tell ourselves. I follow my intuition in the practices and interventions I apply.

When it comes to development, our whole being is involved. All qualities of perception, sensing, intuiting, and thinking are working together to facilitate a process for the best possible result for an individual or group. What fulfills me in my work as a facilitator, are the change, the relaxation, and the results I see in the people I work with. Seeing people regain their motivation, change their perspective, experiencing a new burst of energy make it worth it.

Lucien Lecarme
Since five years, I organize Retreats on Ibiza. Mainly with Hiking, Yoga en Mindfulness. I discovered men’s work three years ago through my partner. She recommended me to start reading David Deida, one of the groundbreaking Icons in the movement of men’s work. I felt I wanted to invite more masculinity in my life, being used to be surrounded by Ibiza Goddesses, the strong, empowered women of Ibiza.
I also discovered the work of Ton van der Kroon, especially his book “The Return of the King”. This book inspired me to visit a men’s retreat with Ton in Belgium. About the same time, I started a HeartIQ circle work facilitators training in Holland. I soon discovered the healing and strong practise to sit with brothers in a circle, and work specifically with embodiment. To literally go from the stories in our minds, to what happened to us in the past, to  real life sensations in the the body, while being witnessed by authentic presence from other men. I am in awe of the magical transformation that can occur in the circle, with these practices. Also, the possibility that through the release of for example, aggression and anger, these emotions can be accepted and easier integrated into everyday life and in relationships. I used all of these experiences in my first novel: The Wisdom keeper. A subtle play between the masculine and the feminine is integrated into this hero’s tale. I feel a strong  pull to offer retreats on Ibiza for Men. At the same time I love to keep on learning from participating in and facilitating men’s circles.


Contact Jeroen (+31657559042) or Lucien (+31650415098 / ) to register, and for more info.

The Body Of Men events are MOBILE FREE





The Retreat Villa