The Wisdom Keeper

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Its 20121 and humanity faces a threatening drought and increasing populism. Control and fear are roaming the streets. Oliver leaves all this behind when he gets invited for a walkabout with four Aboriginal men in the Australian desert. At the end of this personal transformation, he receives a mysterious painting with the power to change the course of the world’s history. Olivers cracks the codes on this canvas and sets out on an adventurous journey to a power spot on Ibiza, the biggest club in the world and the caves of a goddess. A secret organization with conflicting interests chases him relentlessly. Will Oliver find the destination of the painting in time? Transformation, Power and Love are the themes of this dystopian hero’s tale.

In a visionary manner, Lucien Lecarme depicts the zeitgeist. An exciting and fascinating glimpse in a future where technology won’t save the planet, but earth keepers might.

Lucien Lecarme (1967), writer and crypto educator, lives and works in Ibiza. His interest is the current revolution of technology versus our inner call to fall in love with the earth again. Lucien lived with Aboriginal people in the remote bush of Northern Arnhemland. In front of the magnetic rock Es Vedra, he combined the imprints of this unique experience with his vision of the near future to write his intriguing debut.

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