Transition Retreat

Your transition is not your empowerment alone, it is your part of of the puzzle falling in place with finding your purpose.


Book a 3-day private retreat ( max 4 persons) in front of Es Vedra, the energetically high vibrating vortex in Ibiza. The perfect place for your personal transition towards your true purpose.

We are in a transition, a story in between stories, a timeframe where many people are waking up.

Are you one of those people that no longer believe in the old story of lack, competition and scarcity? Have you set yourself on that magical journey to find your true purpose in the new story?

This process of personal empowerment, to fully embrace your higher purpose, is crucial for humanity to be able to make that leap of faith, to journey into unknown territory together and to co-create the new story of abundance, connection, sustainability and responsibility,

Are you ready to become the Ninja warrior of your life? Or maybe you are embodying it already, and you need a recharge, a rethink, a re-alignment.

I am offering this retreat for all the potential game-changers, thought leaders, lightworkers, shadow riders and everybody ready to be the change

The location
The location makes this retreat unique, truly one in its kind


You stay in front of Powerspot Es Vedra, surrounded by the elements. This place is literally a vortex of higher energies entering the world. It is the perfect place to connect, research and embrace your higher mission here on this beautiful planet. The rock will charge you, and it’s intensifying energy will cut away the bullshit of the mind. What is left is an invitation, a wide-open space to find yourself and let your soul dance in joy on the waves of the moment.   Check out photos of the Retreat Villa here

The Retreat
Because of the limited amount of people, max 4, this is a tailormade retreat. The main goal is to tune in to your higher frequencies, to move into flow. To follow the breadcrumbs of your joy, feeling fully alive. You will be invited to expand to a broader range beyond the limiting beliefs of your mind.

The Modality
With the tools, places, experiences and possibilities available in the moment, we will always explore the path to flow.

There is no goal, nothing to achieve, just a safe space to be nurtured by wind, sea, sun, water, earth, music, movement, breath. Yes, we can make music too, there is a piano, a guitar, drums, Cajon. Or write, I am a writer so we can work on writing. Or dancing, let’s learn some tango on the roof. Breathwork? Great, lets go. Tantra, why not. Hikes, Vegan food, Meditation, Yoga. And all other things that manifest at the moment.

There will also be sufficient Me-time. To stroll to the beach that is 15 minutes away (Cala D’hort), to sit in front of the sunset on a secret spot or to meditate on the rooftop feeling surrounded by the elements that whisper the call back to nature.

The Price
The basic price is € 222,- per day per person Incl food/drinks. So that is €666,- in total for 3 days max for one person.

From 2 days your stay in a (shared) room in the Villa. You pay less when you bring your friends.
With 2 persons: 333 per day total
With 3 persons: 444 per day total
With 4 persons: 555 per day total

This experience is for a maximum of 3 days.

About me
I live for 7 years in front of Es Vedra now. I learned to make its impressive energy work for me on all levels of my life. It helps me manifest, dream, be ecstatic, meet my shadow, raise my frequency and engage fully in my own flow and creativity. I have organized retreats for 5 years using my house, including yoga, Hikes and mindfulness. More recently, I co-facilitated men’s groups in my house. I wrote the novel “The Wisdom Keeper” in front of Es Vedra, channelling its vortex wisdom into a heroes story that makes the transition

But, It is time for me to move on. To leave the old structure of 10+ people retreats with a fixed structure.

I feel more in flow with this new offering. This is the new assignment the rock whispered in my ear, this is what you need to open up to and give now. And here it is!

Become the hero of our own story‬ and set all of us free

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some quotes from participants of earlier hiking/yoga/mindfulness retreats