Why calling myself a writer is the best thing that ever happened in my life

Why calling myself a writer is the best thing that ever happened in my life

My passion is to write words that go deeper
I write because I simply love writing

It’s that simple

I just can’t stop, really. Sometimes I feel like a channel and the words just pour out.

I came to Ibiza 8 years ago, cut the cords with my old life in Holland. Even when it was full of creativity, I needed a new challenge. My dream was to write a novel

And I did that. In about 2 years time it was ready. And then what?

How to you become a writer?

There is only one true answer to that. And there is no shortcut.

You start writing and you don’t stop. It is a rollercoaster passing canyons of despair and mountain tops of paragraph orgasms.

I have found out that it is a brilliant mirror.

  • It shows me where I am at
  • It gives me clarity
  • It makes me connect to my readers
  • It grants the opportunity to be vulnerable

It connects worlds


I am a wordsmith that can create worlds with words. The Content creator thing just sounds good and is also true

I have written 160 blogs the last year mostly on the medium platform. All my articles in the Netherlands have been published. Mostly about travel and culture.

Since 2 years I write every day in English. I am a native Dutch speaker

My next step is to write content for others, I am ready for it. Especially Dutch entrepreneurs that settle in Ibiza and need some kick-ass lines for bringing their value about.

Also, translations from English to Dutch are possible.

When you need words that reach further, that fill the space between you and your clients. When you need creative content with a bite. Call me or mail me

Lucien Lecarme