Your Abundance Practice Isn’t Working Out - This is Why

Learn about this key element for attracting anything you want more of in your life

In 2007 somebody gifted me the Secret. It changed my life. But only years later.

I am talking about the abundance self-help book, introducing the law of attraction in the new age community. That magic law must be as old as the universe itself, but through The Secret becoming a bestseller, millions of people tapped into the world of unlimited possibilities again. Including me.

This is what happened.

I made my first vision board around 2008, putting a picture of a villa with full sea view in the middle. I practised gratefulness for receiving that new house and other things on the vision board for at least half a year, and then kind of forgot about it.

In 2010, I discovered Ibiza. I sat on a cliff in the first-morning dew and made a sunrise panorama photo of Es Vedra, the magnetic Rock in the South East of this paradise clubbing Island.

I printed and installed the photo on the wall of my toilet as part of an Ibiza shrine in my house in the Netherlands. This made me look at the photo and the shrine every day, projecting my feeling state in happily living a paradise life in Ibiza while doing a pee.

Fast forward one year.

I’ve found my dream villa, looking over the sea. Not only that, but the same freakin villa is also on the panorama photo I took 2 years earlier. I had been looking at my future paradise shack for a year every day.

W.T.F?. Or better, thank you universe.

And thank you The Secret and the Law of attraction, The 21-day abundance course by Deepak Chopra and many other courses I have been following throughout the years. In their essence they all teach the same:

You can attract anything in your life that your heart desires by raising your vibration, having a clear vision of what you want, align this higher feeling state and gratitude with the universe and it will respond. — In it’s own pace.

The first 2 core elements for success

My own story of manifesting the dream shack contains the 2 core elements that every abundance book will tell you:

  • You’ll need to let go of your wish
  • You need a very clear vision of what you truly want more of.

You might experience too that envisioning what you truly desire isn’t that easy. From the mindfulness retreats, I give on Ibiza I learned that many people experience the same blockage.

It is easier to stay stuck and think about what you don’t want, than actually make a clear wish, intention and vision of what you do love to attract.

After diving deeper in myself, reading more books and following more courses, I believe I’ve found the key for dissolving this difficulty, at least for myself. It did hold me back for years in starting the life I was dreaming of.

I can truly say that I have some beautiful experiences with manifesting important things in my life like the Villa. I also love to remain humbled by knowing that I still can experience a lack of things in my daily life.

Ultimately, abundance is deep within every one of us since nature is abundant, and we are all a part of nature. Most of us forgot how to access and experience their abundance, the birthright for each and every one of us.

What Holds You Back? 

When I ask you: what holds you back in living the epic life that you deserve? limiting beliefs or old conditioning might be the first thing that pops up. But that’s not where I want to go.

Limiting beliefs and old conditioning is the result of a deeper layer inside of yourself that I am about to describe. Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs is not ‘the sole trick’ for becoming more abundant, although very important to acknowledge and let go of as much as you can.

What I’m about to explain is not just a mental obstruction that you can think your way around. It’s deeper than that and often overlooked.

A limiting belief usually expresses itself like: I have adapted this thought that I am too shy to step up that stage and do a talk. Or, I have this thought that I’ll need to work 60 hours a week to even start dreaming about a little more wealth. Or, I have this thought that I am fat and unattractive, I’ll never be able to attract the right man for me.

As you notice, these are thoughts, assumptions. When you repeat them enough subconsciously, they appear to be you. To transform your limiting beliefs means becoming aware of these thoughts, and then disconnect them from being you. They are just thoughts, coming from past experiences, past imprints.

Many Abundance books will stimulate you to get aware of these thought patterns and urge you to let them go or think your way around them with positive affirmations. The money will flow to me effortlessly, I am worthy to stand on stage and let my voice speak, I have a great body. Thoughts like that.

Now let’s dive one level deeper beyond letting go of thoughts and positive affirmations. We need to go to the core of the matter.



The Core of the matter: The Thing That Many Overlook

When you’ll feel into this core, when you start having access to it, it will all become much clearer.

The issue with positive affirmations is that they work great on a certain level, but when you are still unaware of deeper layers of not being worthy of experiences, joy, beauty, a deep relationship, then you are prone to fall back into repetitive patterns and you subconsciously keep limiting yourself beyond your thoughts.

What is this layer that is not made conscious in most of us?

It is a layer that can go back as far as when you where 1,2,3 years old, and it’s called your core unworthiness.

It works like this: As a baby, you pick up the energetic communication of your parents. The world, the universe, is all about you. Me and the other doesn’t exist yet. You are the universe. So when your parents argue, or worse, that’s your universe. When your father shouts at his boss on the phone and you happen to be near, that’s your universe. As a baby, you take on the toxicity of the world around you. This makes you feel bad, you are bad, it’s now your energy, you were not able to discern toxicity having nothing to do with you, since in the core of your baby being you are pure joy, bliss, abundant life.

Do we really have to dive that deep? Yes, I am afraid so.

Spoiler Alert: There is also a second layer of core unworthiness.

When we grow older, we create this second layer of unworthiness to prevent feeling the first one. This is the space where your limiting beliefs come from.

It is much safer to play small than opening up fully to life and joy with the risk of not receiving, because that was your initial imprint

The solution(for now)

The deepest layer of core unworthiness stays around for most people’s lives. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t access it.

You can do so by opening up more, by becoming more vulnerable, and actually feel into what’s keeping you from getting in touch with it. That’s the first step.

What keeps you from feeling deeper, in general, is your pain. When we dive deeper into pain, it is nothing more or less than the resistance you have for feeling deeper.

Use your pain to guide you to more consciousness.

Pain functions as a Swiss security lock for your psyche and soul not to be exposed to too much trauma at once.

How to feel deeper? By opening up more. Step by step. To train your awareness muscle of what actually goes on inside of you, how you feel, what you think, the sensations in your body when you close or open, when you are in your flow and connect to your joy. This is referred to as tracking.

In essence, it’s that simple. But at the same time, incredible difficult knowing that many closed their deeper layers most of their lives. When you open up to feeling more joy, for example, you also open up to feel emotions that we often label as negative. But they are not. They are just expressions of one and the same: your life-force energy. It’s just about feeling this energy, allowing it, and not make anything wrong in yourself

Resistance for feeling deeper expresses itself in making yourself wrong and putting layers of self blame and shame around your essence. This, essentially, is your pain. 

But hey, do you like to become more abundant or not?

I’m joking.

Every human being has his or her own pace for growth. To deal with trauma and pain is probably the most difficult thing to do in life, it’s way easier to numb ourselves out and move from status quo to status quo avoiding too much insecurity and change. The result is we only feel in the middle range of the possible spectrum, but deep in our hearts, we’ll feel that we are not living the life of our dreams.

I just gave you the direction to look into, an invitation to dive deeper. In fact, diving deeper is what I offer in my abundance courses where we work in a group or with couples. Why?

For going deeper, for letting go of the pain of resistance of feeling your trauma, for accessing your deepest feeling of being worthy, loved, welcome, fully seen, we need the undivided loving attention of others.





















When you dismantled your limiting beliefs from the second ring of core unworthiness when you have let go of trauma and reached the ground level of being and feeling worthy, this will become part of your heart, essence and awareness.

You now feel worthy. It is in the core of your being. You have now infinite access to it.

This means you don’t have to practice becoming abundant anymore, because you are.

From that state of being, yes, you’ll definitely attract more of what you love, more joy, more nurturing deeper relationships, better health, and why not, more money. What you see and experience outside of yourself is essentially you.

What changed is the ability to open up to all of the juiciness of life, because you are worth it.

Attracting more of what you wish will be effortlessly and often unexpected, but you know that you can trust the universe to be good and abundant.

Just like you.

Lucien Lecarme

Lucien is author of the future novel “The Wisdom Keeper“. Sign up for the Wisdom keeper’s 8-week online abundance course here to accelerate your abundance and freedom awakening towards living a more human and interconnected life together.

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