Top 5 secret beaches Ibiza

150220121801_1Ibiza has a stunning 100 secret beaches. Difficult to reach, you need insider information, and sometimes you only can get there by swimming. I describe my personal five favourite medium secret beaches, that are not known to many people since they are away from the mainstream flow of tourists. Read more here –>>

Top 10 geheime strandjes Ibiza

Top Strandjes van Ibiza, een selectie voor hemels genieten !
( Wandelgids Lucien Lecarme onthult zijn top 10 strandjes van Ibiza)

EspanaYMas-Article-leftToen ik nog maar net voet aan wal zette op Ibiza om er een bestaan te gaan opbouwen brandde al het vuur van binnen om als een Nederlandse Robinson Crusoe het laatste onontgonnen strandje te ontdekken. Een niet onmogelijke missie als je bedenkt dat er meer dan honderdzestig grotere en kleine stranden zijn. Gewapend met een twaalf jaar oude Duitse wandelgids begon in mijn eerste winter de ontdekkingsreis. En tot op de dag van vandaag wordt ik geroerd, verwonderd en gevoed door dit eiland van de eeuwige lente. lees meer>>

(Dit Artikel verscheen eerder in de Espana y Mas in Nederland: editie voorjaar 2015)


Walk out of your mind, into your heart Retreat
Hiking, Yoga & Mindfulnes
May 4-9 and May 18-23 * 2020 *  IBIZA * SPAIN

Dit Retreat is voor iedereen die klaar is voor transformatie en meer vreugde, voor hen die aandachtiger willen leven in het moment. Die van Yoga houden maar geen profs hoeven te zijn, die graag de natuur induiken om zich te verbinden met stilte en schoonheid. Avonturiers die zich willen voeden met Ibiza zon, zee en puurheid en open staan voor authentiek delenMore information –>>

This retreat is for everybody who feels ready for a transformation. For those adventurers that choose to live more attentive and feel deeper at the moment: that love yoga but don’t have to be a pro, that love to dive into nature to connect with silence and beauty. For those who want to experience the nurturing Ibiza sun, sea and purity and are open for authentic sharing.  More information –>>

Men’s Retreats Ibiza

October 30 – November 1st //  Men’s Retreat Ibiza
New Foundations: Back 2 Basics


Join our 2nd Men 3-day retreat in Ibiza
Friday October 30iest – Sunday 1st of November

In these times of transformation
the call is to go back to our foundation
to own our emotions and projections
to gather in unity and support
not in competition and emotional distance

To become a clearer channel
to be able to say a strong NO and a full YES
to hold, protect and nurture the feminine inside & outside yourself
while letting go of old toxicity and layers of conditioning
and honour and embrace more of our mature masculinity

In the 2020 October Retreat, you
? Get crystal clarity on your highest aligned mission and soul purpose
? Feel & Experience the essence of Sacred Masculine Brotherhood
? Connect in a playful but strong way with locked away vital masculine energy
? Connect deeper to your body, become more of your body, feel your body more and release possible blockages
? Learn to deal with and integrate parts of yourself that you have made wrong or for other reasons have pushed out of side.
? Learn Breathwork
? Activate more of your Sacred Kundalini Energy
? Enjoy abundant nature on one of Ibiza’s best spots, make new friends and witness endless sunsets in front of Powerspot Es Vedra

I feel a BIG yes in my body to invite more sacred brotherhood in my life >>>
check out our eventpage here

The medicine for the crypto bubble

threeFoldI have recently been pulled into the blockchain & crypto movement! There is an electric excitement and inspiration about where this river of new potential will bring us. It is out there, and it is here to stay! So, it is even more exciting to be an ambassador, storyteller and fundraiser for threefold and having team meetings on the Nile or in skyscrapers in Dubai.             read the blog –>>                                               follow me on Medium